East Barnby - 31st October to 4th November 2016


Friday 4th November, Mrs Herbert 12:20

Year 6 have had a brilliant final morning skiing and climbing and are now tucking into lunch before heading home.


Thursday 3rd November, Mrs Herbert 19:15

Today we have a great time canoeing - we continued our river study and developed our team working skills further. Now time to try and get all the clothes back into the right suitcases and the suitcases shut!

"My favourite bit has been canoeing because I've learnt a lot of new skills and it has been a good opportunity to do something really fun." Madison

"Even when you are scared to do something they get you to have a go and you find out it is fun!" Emma

"I am having a great time at East Barnby because all the activities that I have done have been with my friends which I have really enjoyed." Will

"East Barnby is a really good experience and you can try everything." Elsa

"I really liked canoeing because it increased my teamwork and strength in my arms." Lily

"Canoeing was really great fun, I also liked the skiing." Rhianna

"I really liked doing the canoeing today because I learnt how to steer." Callum


Wednesday 2nd November, Mrs Herbert 20:00

We have battled the technology and managed to get some pictures into the slideshow above. More will follow in the picture galleries on the website over the coming weeks as we sift through the hundreds of images that have been taken!


Wednesday 2nd November, Mrs Herbert 19:30

We have had a fantastic but busy day! Everybody (including the teachers!) built dens this morning in the woods and then this afternoon the year 6 have either climbed or skied. Once again the instructors have been impressed with how the children have been encouraging each other.

"Skiing was fun, particularly the races at the end." Spencer

"Today was awesome and adventurous. My favourite bit was making the dens." Rhuban

"I enjoyed the walk to the forest and building the dens." Samantha

"I really enjoyed den building in the forest and also beck scrambling (on Monday)." Rory

"My favourite bit so far has been the skiing when we went down the slope." Lex


Tuesday 1st November, Mrs Herbert 19:26 updated 20:01

We have had a fantastic day following the journey of a river from source to sea. The children impressed the East Barnby staff with their knowledge of rivers and we had great fun measuring the width, depth and speed the river as well as finding out what lives in rivers.

"It was awesome, I liked going in the beck." Israel

"We went looking for animals in the river and we found a dragonfly larva." Finn

"I really liked through the river, it was fun!" Jess

"My favourite bit today was when Mrs Herbert and I fell in the hole!" Alex

"The sledging is really fun." Emily

"I liked getting wet and having lots of fun." Nicole

"East Barnby is a fun place and I will definitely come again." Elliot

"I loved the sledging even if my scarf got in the way!" Rosie

"I really enjoyed the night activities and the river walk." Rhianna

"It was fun to do tricks when we were sledging." Alice

"Beck scrambling was fun, I enjoyed going in the water." Anna

"My favourite part was going sledging-the races were fun!" Aamna


Tuesday 1st November, Mrs Cooper 19:15

After a great river walk, all have showered and enjoyed a delicious fish & chip tea!


Tuesday 1st November, Mrs Cooper 08:30

Just before they all headed off to breakfast, Mrs Herbert was in touch this morning to say that everyone was asleep by 11pm last night ...

... and they all slept until 7am!

Another exciting day ahead - more news later!


Monday 31st October, Miss Bartlett 20:30

Everyone's having a great time orienteering! Here are some of the Y5's highlights so far.....

"I loved doing the Loony Leap even though it was cold!" Emma 

"I felt a bit worried before doing it but I had the best time going down the Loony Leap!" Josh

"I loved crawling through the rocks, they felt like caves." Reuben

"The Loony Leap was great fun!" Maddie

"I really enjoyed beck scrambling.....and lunch!" Abigail

"I'm really enjoying night time orienteering." Rosie

"I loved going under all the holes in beck scrambling" Jack

"Getting soaked in the Loony Leap was great!" Zak

"I loved getting wet in the river!" Sunny



Monday 31st October, Mrs Herbert 20:05

Due to technical changes at East Barnby, we won't be able to update photos every night - we will try to get a selection up tomorrow. All the photos we have show happy, smiley faces! Updates from the children to follow when we can tear them away from orienteering for a minute...


Monday 31st October, Mrs Herbert 19:25

We have had an amazing afternoon beck scrambling. The children were incredible and all staff were very proud of the children and how they were challenging themselves and supporting each other.

Beds are now made and we are just about to start night time orienteering.


Sunday 30th October, Mrs Herbert 16:00

I hope all the packing is going well!

Please check back here each day to find out what the children have been up to at East Barnby. The internet connection at East Barnby is tempermental, please bear with us as we will endeavour to upload information as soon as possible.