Kingswood Residential 2019


All the children have been eating and sleeping well - which is good as the days are packed from beginning to end. It has been very cold and very wet today but that didn’t get in the way of the Kingswood experience! There was more high rope adventure this morning - most of the Year 6 children will claim the 3G Swing as one of their favourite activities - and after a busy afternoon, the children enjoyed the disco this evening. We have 2 more activities in the morning before lunch and then heading home. 


The Year 5s enjoyed their last morning of activities before heading for home. They had a fantastic time and we miss them, Miss Baker and Miss Lawson already!!

The Year 6 children started the afternoon abseiling in the sunshine but then got very wet and cold doing the ‘night line’ and ‘aeroball’ challenges. All of them powered on through and the rain stopped in time for the final high rope challenges of the day. We have some fabulous photos (we can’t get them to load!) and we are looking forward to sharing them with you. This evening’s activity has been a gigantic game of twister and we are just about to have hot chocolate before another earlyish night.

Roll on tomorrow...!!!

 Tuesday evening

A cold but sunny start to our second day. We all really enjoyed doing the zip wire, some of us took part in a laser tournament and the year 5’s showed great encouragement and determination as they all had a go at doing the leap of faith. The year 6’s practised their survival skills building woodland shelters in team competitions. All the children have spent quite a lot of money buying ‘souvenirs!’ After another hearty dinner they are all enjoying transforming their friends into super heroes in this evenings activity.  We are looking forward to an early night ;) 

Tuesday morning

Everyone slept really well (honestly, they did!) and we have all just enjoyed a really good breakfast, including pancakes. We are on our way now to the first activities of the day...


We had a very warm welcome to our Kingswood adventure and we have all settled in really quickly. After lunch and a tour of the site, we took part in our first activities. Year 6 children did either climbing or the leap of faith (!!!) and Year 5 did bouldering.The children were challenged by these activities but everyone had a go! There were lots of options to choose from at tea time and everyone ate :) This was followed by a campfire with lots of noisy singing and the day was rounded off with hot chocolate. Looking forward to tomorrow!