DB Primary and Purple Mash

At Christ Church we are really proud of our ICT capabilities, we have laptops, desktops and 90 netbooks and this combined with our laptops means that we have the capability for all classes to be using computers at the same time. We have also purchased 32 iPads and 8 iPad minis for use within school.

Purple Mash
We have continued to invest in Purple Mash, to support and enhance your child’s learning both at home and in school. Purple Mash is a suite of programs from the 2simple company, which have a fantastic long term reputation for ICT in Primary Schools. The suite includes maths games, data programmes, virtual environments and a programme called 2type (on the games tab), which develops children’s skills with using a computer keyboard effectively.

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DB Primary
DB Primary is continuing to be used successfully in school and the children are enjoying the work they are completing using it and the communities they can access.

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If you have any ICT related questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Baines